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French Escapade

FRENCH ESCAPADE, improves your painting skills with world renowned artists in our Plein-Air or Online Painting Workshops.

Artsy souls know the value of connecting with like-minded people to find inspiration and motivation for their painting. The mission of French Escapade is to facilitate this kind of fruitful relations within creative communities as well as to provide students with unique experiences.

On one hand, French Escapade is a virtual space where the V.I.E.W. Academy (Virtual Interactive Escapade Workshops) offers daily online painting classes taught by more than 40 high-caliber teachers. We present to you unique, interactive live painting workshops where you can paint along and get feedback.

On the other hand, those who love traveling as much as painting, may opt for an inspiring plein-air painting vacation to discover and capture the beauty of France, Italy, Spain, Belgium or California. These tours are fully escorted, with daily painting classes, cultural visits, transportation and gourmet food and wine.


Since 2003, French Escapade has been offering the best escorted painting workshops in the US and Europe, taught by renowned international instructors. Professionalism, quality and high customer service are their main principles, making French Escapade a trust-worthy company of high reputation.

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