NWWS Artist Zoom Room

The Artist Zoom Room provides education for artists of all skill levels. 

AZR is an online event on the second Monday of most months,1:00 (Pacific time) with the virtual doors opening at 12:45. Anyone–members, non-members or others interested in visual arts–are encouraged to join the Zoom meeting. AZR invites exceptional, well-known artists to provide education or critiques that moves artists toward a more successful art practice.

A special learning opportunity! You ask for more design and composition education, and here it is, taught by outstanding, skilled instructors whom we all admire. The curriculum  will continue through Spring of 2024 with a new focus each month. Join us!

October 9, 2023: FOCUS: COMPOSITION CORNERSTONES with Anita Lehmann (Recording is available below for this past event.) To view the assignment that guided the submissions, click here: Lehmann Drawing Submissions

November 13, 2023: FOCUS: DRAWING IS KEY! with Angela Bandurka (Recording is available below for this past event.) To view the assignment that guided the submissions, click here: Bandurka Submissions.

January 8, 2024: FOCUS: THE VALUE OF VALUES with Dale Laitinen. Click the event detail button on the right to learn more about how to participate or to submit your work for review. (only members’ work may be critiqued). 

February 12, 2024: FOCUS: SHAPES, FORMS, AND VARIETY with Stella Canfield

March 11, 2024: FOCUS: COLOR HARMONY with Catherine Gill

April 8, 2024: FOCUS: CREATING UNITY AND BALANCE with Kay Barnes

May 13, 2024: FOCUS: BUILDING SPACE AND DEPTH with Ron Stocke


When critiques are part of the month’s program, only NWWS members may request to have their work reviewed (although all art lovers are always invited to attend). To be critiqued, login to this website and find the button on the right to be on the critique list.

Our members have access to recordings of past AZR events to view as often as they like. To become a member: JOIN NWWS

If you would love to join the event but are new to Zoom, we can help. Click: USING ZOOM


Please review the FAQs before signing up to have artwork critiqued.

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