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NWWS June 2023 General Meeting Demonstration with Dale Laitinen

June 27, 2023 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm PDT

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7:00 PM - Jun. 27, 2023


9:00 PM - Jun. 27, 2023

Dale Laitinen has been painting for over forty years, thirty five of those in watercolor, and he’ll soon be sharing his vibrant talent with NWWS.

His watercolors are fluid and exuberant, with confidant full on brushstrokes. He moves easily between objective and nonobjective painting, sometimes somewhere in-between, but always intriguing and an invitation for the viewer to stay a while. Contrast that loose energy with his equally beautiful, carefully engineered more structured paintings and you come away amazed at such a wonderful talent range. His travels across the American west figure prominently in his work.

One of the signatures of a Laitinen painting is the long view with the natural forms of the topography being foremost. His works extend to the interaction between structures such as roads, dams, canals, powerhouses, and the natural landscape. In one of these paintings one might find a concrete dam that spans a river canyon, or a highway that cuts through desert sandstone, or a shadow of a bridge that crawls slowly across a red rock wall.

Laitinen’s work has been featured in several books, including “The Splash Series”, “Painting with the White of your Paper”, and “The The Transparent Watercolor Wheel”, and in several periodicals, including “The Artist’s Magazine”, “Watercolor Magic”, “Watercolor Magazine”, and “Drawingboard Magazine”.

He is a signature member of the National Watercolor Society and Watercolor West and an active workshop instructor.

Join us for this very special night with an immense talent and enjoy watching Dale work his brushstroke magic.

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