Samish Island PaintOut


Three wonderful times each year, about 40 artists arrive at beautiful, 90-acre Samish Island Campground (northwest of Mt Vernon, WA) to breathe the clean air and concentrate on painting. We call it “paint camp.” The view is breathtaking, the ambiance welcoming, the food delicious. Artists make new friends and reunite with old friends they haven’t seen in awhile. At PaintOut, you leave your obligations behind.

You may create without interruptions and you have plenty of space to work. Most artists are serious, focused, and productive. Three excellent meals are served daily and are included in camp cost.

Subject matter is abundant whether you are a plein air or studio painter. Puget Sound is just outside the door, oyster beds are nearby, trails are all around the area, and the tides are constantly changing! If you are new to an art process, many will share and teach. PaintOut is the perfect place to learn, explore, and solve your art challenges without even needing to stop and cook!

Sharing is part of the experience, so a large bulletin board becomes a growing exhibit of finished art, where artists can enjoy pinning up their work for others to see..

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