NWWS encourages all associate members to pursue their highest level of artistic production and to pursue the achievement of Signature Membership.

Applicants for Signature Membership must have been accepted into and exhibited in:
  1. Two or more NWWS Annual International Open Exhibitions, OR
  2. Two NWWS Waterworks Membership Exhibitions and one NWWS Annual International Open Exhibition.

Applicants must also fulfill the membership requirement:
  1. Membership dues must have been paid each year, continuously, from the first acceptance into an exhibition through the qualifying last acceptance into an exhibition. OR
  2. Membership dues can be paid retroactively for any years in which dues were not paid between the first acceptance and the qualifying last acceptance.

Signature members must continue to pay yearly dues in order to refer to themselves as Signature Members in any publicity or promotion and to use the signature “NWWS” after their signature. Yearly dues are due each year on June 1.

Only members who are Signature Members may use the letters “NWWS” after their signature.


Here you’ll find the list of the many who have achieved Signature Member status.

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