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NWWS Artist Websites

Linda Lee Foster

Life in Florida is an adventure with new landscapes and different flora & fauna that influence my work. NWWS and other watercolor societies have recognized my body of work and include me as a signature member.

Gloria Miller Allen

Signature Member of NWWS, as well as AWS, NWS, TWSA and WW. Accepted into over 65 National and International Exhibits. Artist, Poet, Workshop Instructor, Juror and Author of two books.

Kathy Collins

A Signature Member of NWWS & Women Painters of Washington, Kathy's award-winning watercolors have been featured in The Artist's Magazine, Watercolor Artist, Splash series & "100 Artists of the Northwest". Kathy enjoys teaching classes & workshops year-round.

Deborah Haggman

My paintings lean to realistic and detail oriented and I have made peace with the fact I love painting with a small brush. I am drawn to Northwest landscapes of trees, beaches and rocks.

Christine Alfery

I paint abstract subject matter. It changes from my own unique, imaginative marvels to motley complex wonderings. I cherish these complex wonderings. They keep things in motion, perpetual motion. Common unimaginative statements do not.

Merrilee Sett

I paint for the love and absorbing challenge of it all. Being caught up in the relationship between myself, subject and process is pleasing in itself, but when an onlooker's caught up, that's truly gratifying.

Carol Losinski Naylor

I specialize in the intriguing technique of watercolor batik. I love the magic that happens with the color and wax and the challenge of working with transparent papers.

Lynda Raven Brake

The process of doing art is my life. I'm always amazed as warn & cool, light & dark values, and complimentary colors come to life on paper. This is true for any medium, but I love watercolors.

Sandy Haight

The inner landscape of flowers & botanicals have inspired me to explore watercolor in a way that finds abstract beauty in  the very real patterns of light and shadow.  I’m a signature member of NWWS.

Ron Stocke

Ron Stocke is a Northwest watercolorist who paints and teaches workshops year round. Ron’s work has been exhibited in national and international shows as well as Watercolor magazine and North Light books Splash series.

"Fran" Frances Clapper

I enjoy translating God's beautiful creations into art and hope the viewer will feel a connection with the subject and perhaps inspire a tug on their emotions or heartstrings.

Caroline Buchanan

Caroline Buchanan, NWWS, has an outstanding reputation as a teacher of watercolor. See class listings, a technique corner, with monthly updates of useful techniques, a gallery of paintings and more. Easily navigatable.

Anne Waters

Anne paints in watercolor, acrylics and inks to capture the many textures and depths of her subject. She lets color set the mood with glazes creating depth and texture.

Denise R. Miller

Watercolor captures texture and light in a unique way. It allows me to explore the wildness and beauty of the natural world using light, color, texture, shape and form-line.

Molly LeMaster

Much of my work is inspired by nature and by the travels my husband and I have experienced. I like color. I like Detail. I teach classes and the occasional workshop.

Steve Rothert

I have a passion for painting people. I love capturing the spirit and likeness of the subject. It is exciting for me to see the person I'm painting come to life on the paper.

Eric Wiegardt

AWS Gold Medalist and Dolphin Fellow, featured in books, articles, international exhibitions, taught workshops to 5,000 artists, and continues to enjoy painting in his studio in Ocean Park, WA. Graduate of American Academy of Art.

Lisa Hill

Much of the natural world is fragile; thriving only a short time The ever-present challenge, to grasp the form, color and value range of those living delicacies with paint and brush, is exciting to me.


Fearless paintings and inspirational techniques are the hallmarks of my art. I create work designed to uplift the spirit. Mine is not the work of controversy, but work inspired by the world’s serenity and beauty.

Don Devine

"If I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint." Edward Hopper

Sherri Bails

With each painting I have simple goals - I want to make sure the structure has strong design, I challenge myself to try something new, and I tell a story about the origin of the piece.

Beth betker

On location and in the studio, even the thinnest paint is part of a sculptural adventure. I'm fascinated with human habitat and industry, that delicious meeting of accident and intention.

Shirley Mercer

Why do I paint? I can't stop. I love it--reflecting my thoughts and feelings in paint and mastering the techniques that are specific to watercolor. Enjoy!

Priscilla Patterson

From aviation to boats to cars to still life, I love the challenge of creating shapes and values with watercolor! (6/17)

Holly Meeker Rom

Watercolor has been my medium for 36 years. I like its portability for plein air painting. I enjoy saving the white of the paper. My style has developer over time. It's gestural, colorful and lyrical. (6/2017)

Charlene Collins freeman

I love to paint the beauty of everyday moments, ordinary objects and scenes that through their familiar qualities, invoke a deep beauty. I teach local classes and international workshops in addition to painting every day. (9/17)

 Jenifer Rees

Watercolor's transparency of application and color clarity have always drawn me to play in this medium. I typically paint outdoor subjects including birds and other animals, trees, stone formations and scenes from various travels.

Donna Caulton

My work is a reflection of plant and animal life cycles in my environment. In the high mountains of northern New Mexico, where I live, that means birds, sky and other mountain magic.