Daniel Smith Artists' Materials
NWWS members are very fortunate to have Daniel Smith Artists Materials, including the manufacturing facility, in the heart of the city of Seattle. Daniel Smith is the leader in the innovative manufacturing of watercolors (and oils) sought after by artists worldwide. Northwest artists were among the first to appreciate the brilliance of their high-performance Quinacridone colors and, later, the exciting PrimaTek and Luminescent Watercolors. Making beautiful, innovative, and high quality artists paints, which perform consistently from tube to tube, year after year, makes Daniel Smith paints loved and respected by artists everywhere.
Daniel Smith products are available through art stores around the world and through online sources. Use this link to search for where you may purchase their products: FIND RETAIL LOCATIONS
Use this link to learn about Daniel Smith products, and don't miss the many "videos" they have provided of material demos, product information, and your favorite artists.
Learn about Daniel Smith products: DANIEL SMITH PRODUCTS