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Learn how to connect and attend NWWS Webinar events using Zoom Webinar:
Click: ZOOM Webinar Instructions PDF

Learn how to easily join a Zoom video call by watching this short video tutorial. Additional information for specific devices is available on the same page.

NWWS volunteers are working daily (and learning many new things!) to adapt to this very unique 2020. Some events are postponed and others have been wonderfully redesigned to meet our need to stay home and stay safe.
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NEW! Artists Zoom Room



THE SECOND MONDAY OF EACH MONTH. An exiting new, monthly event from NWWS. Each month, members gather online to review up to 10 artists work with a highly qualified critique host and other members who would like to be part of the virtual audience. The Zoom meeting room can hold a limited number of people (100), so both the participating artists and those who wish to just watch must register to receive the information-invitation at:

Come and see the smiling faces of fellow members and learn from great instructors!

NWWS Exhibitions

We are looking forward to this wonderful member’s exhibition opening Thursday, April 22, 2021. Join us for the Awards Reception, also online, on the evening of April 22nd.
Have you taken a look at the two spectacular workshops we’re offering? Both are two days in length and taught by two energetic, award-winning artists. Click here to find one that is a great fit for you—or take both! CLICK: NWWS Workshops
NWWS General Meetings
  • FEBRUARY General Meeting - Scheduled demo artist: Stella Canfield
  • MARCH General Meeting - Scheduled demo artist: David Lobennerg
  • APRIL General Meeting - Scheduled demo artist: Liz Walker

In April 2021, NWWS will offer TWO 2-day workshop opportunities. Learn more by clicking here.
Congratulations to our Newest Signature Members

Congratulations to these members who have recently achieved NWWS Signature Membership. Pursuing Signature Membership requires dedication and tenacity and has been achieved by many NWWS members. To learn how you, too, can become a member who proudly includes “NWWS” after their signature, click: Signature Membership
Nan Oleksa
Diana Aurigemma
Shelley Skoropinksi Supple
Ann Pember
Catherine James
Keming Chen
Connie Clutter
Jeff Good
Peggie Hunnicutt
Devi Brunsch
Doreen Koch Allen
Ron Snowden
Lori Hess
Jeehee Pak
Jay Rider
René Eisenbart
John Ringen
Lisa Pope
Ted Nuttall
Ron Kasprisin
Antoaneta Georgieva
Bobbie Mueller
Jackie Zumalt
Deborah Roskopf
Birgit O'Connor
Alayne Sahar
Patricia Starr
Kathy Johnson
Kate Aubrey
Karen Knutson
Hugh Mossman