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“Hot Press” is the always anticipated full-color newsletter published quarterly by NWWS and sent directly to the in-box of all members in good standing and those registered on It is filled with current news, artist interviews, important information, event notices, and much more.
Hot Press is published in January, April, July, and October. Each issue covers a 3 month period of events and activities.
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Send announcements & newsletter questions to:

Send announcements & newsletter questions to:

The very popular Hot Press newsletter is filled with news and education. We think you’ll enjoy the many past issues we’ve stored right here for you. Enjoy!
Ron Stocke - Online Workshop, Registration opens July 15, 2020: Workshop dates: October 26-29.
May. 26 - Leslie Lambert Redhead. June Splash & Membeship Drive - Location Daniel Smith Seattle.
Jan. 28 - DANIEL SMITH Seattle Store, Renee St. Peter. Feb. 25. - St. Andrews Lutheran Church, Roger Whitlock. Mar.24 - DANIEL SMITH Seattle Store, Suze Woolf.
Nov. 26 - DANIEL SMITH Seattle Store: November Splash with Guests Stephanie Bower, Catherine Gill, Denise LeBlanc and Katherine Wright. There is no December Meeting.
Sept. 24 - St. Andrews Lutheran Church: DEANNE LEMLEY. October 22 - Daniel Smith Seattle Store: SOON Y. WARREN
There are no meetings in July/August. Article: Summer 2019 Plein Air Update.
April 30 - St. Andrews Lutheran Church: Don Andrews. May 28 - Daniel Smith Seattle Store: Tom Hoffman
March 26 - Daniel Smith Store/Seattle: Jennifer King. April Meeting Date changed to April 30 - St. Andrews Lutheran Church: Don Andrews
January 22 - Daniel Smith Store/Seattle: Ron Stocke. February 25 - St. Andrews/Bellevue: Liz Walker
November 27 - Daniel Smith Store/Seattle: November Splash KATE BARBER, MARY SCHUMAKER, ERIC WIEGARDT & LOIS YOSHIDA. There is no December Meeting.
September 25 - St. Andrews/Bellevue: Sarah Hansen. October 23 - St. Andrews/Bellevue: Linda Daly Baker
OPEN Show results; Waterworks Unplugged Prospectus; Linda Daly Baker Workshop
May 29 - Daniel Smith Store/Seattle; Carla O’Connor. Article: Watercolor Essentials, Putting it in Perspective by Donald W. Patterson.
Mar 27 - Daniel Smith Store/Seattle;Maria Coryell-Martin. Apr 24 - St. Andrews/Bellevue; Mark Mehaffey. Article: The Value of Watercolor by Laurin McCracken.
Jan 23 - Daniel Smith Store/Seattle; Eric Lin; Pizza & Paint. Feb 27 - St. Andrews/Bellevue; Digital Slideshow; Logo Design Submission; Signature Show Special Recognition Recipients; Waterworks 2017 Awards; Watercolor Reading List by Jeff Waters.
Nov 28 - November Splash - Jean Pratt Beouy, Molly Murrah, Joe Mac Kechnie and Cheryl Schmardebeck; No December Meeting; "Watercolor Portraits on DANIEL SMITH Iridescent Gold Watercolor Ground" by Molly Murrah; 78th Annual International Open Exhibition - Prospectus available online Nov 12.
Sept 26 - Demo - Kathy Collins; Oct 24 - Demo - Iain Stewart; "A Design Dilemma" by Eric Wiegardt; Waterworks Exhibition Reception: October 26, 6-8pm Tsuga Fine Art & Framing, Bothell WA
2017 Open Exhibition Awards List; Waterworks Prospectus and Registration Form; "How to Paint the Limbs of Figures", by Eric Wiegardt; "Saving White Space", by Laurel Hart
May 23 - Demo-Jeannie Grisham; June - No General Meeting; "The Art of Making Paint", by Sarah Love; "Awkward Geometric Shapes", by Eric Wiegardt
Mar 28 - Slideshow Presentation of 77th Open Exhibition Entries; Apr 25 - Demo-Juror Keiko Tanabe; "The Time Factor", by Kathy Collins; "Save Your Lights", by Eric Wiegardt
Jan 24 - Demo-Stephanie Bower; Feb 21 - Demo-Anita Lehmann; "Painting is Drawing", by Eric Wiegardt
Nov 22 - November Splash; Dec - No General Meeting; "Cut it Up", by Kathy Collins
Sept 27 - Demo-Bill Hook; Oct 24 - Demo-Fealing Lin; "Thoughts on Competition and Juried Shows", by Pat Dews
July & Aug - No General Meeting; "What is the Best Painting Procedure", by Eric Wiegardt
May 24 - Demo-Keith Artz; June - There is NO meeting in June; "A Question of Quality", by Thom Wright, President of Daniel Smith Stores
Mar 22 - Demo-Joan Archer and Cascadia Museum Tour - NWWS Members Only; Apr 26 - Demo-76th Open Exhibition Juror Jeannie McGuire; "For the Sheer Beauty of it", by Joe Mac Kechnie; CORRECTION: Keith Artz will demo at the May 24th meeting
Jan 26 - Demo-Catherine Gill; Feb 23 - Slides of the Open Exhibition Entries; Recovering the Light by Jeffery Waters
Nov 24 - Demo-Molly Murrah; December - No Meeting; NWWS Shines in New Cascadia Art Museum.
Sept 22 - Demo-Bev Wozwiak; Oct 27 - Demo-Eric Wiegardt; Northwest Watercolor Society Members and Guests Are Invited to an Extraordinary Grand Opening of a New Art Museum in Edmonds, Washington!
July & Aug - No General Meeting; "The Secret of Painting Loose" by Eric Wiegardt
May 26 - Demo-Che Lopez; June - No General Meeting; "Spreading the Word About NWWS' 75th" by Sarah Love
Mar 24 - Demo-Ron Stocke; Apr 27 - Demo Elizabeth Kincaid; "A Taste of New Mexico: Watercolors in the Northern Mountains" by Donna Caulton
Jan 27 - Demo-Mareth Curtis-Warren; Feb 24 - Demo Joe Mac Kechnie; Featured Artist - Thomas Schaller on "Light"
Nov 25 - Demo-John Ringen; Featured Artist - Bill Hook; No meeting in December
Sep 22 - Demo-David F Martin speaks on the 75 Year History of NWWS; Seattle to Singapore by Charlette Haugen
July/Aug - No meeting; Jan Hart Imparts the Magic of Watercolor to her Students
May 27 Demo-Anna Roedel; June - No meeting; Waterworks Prospectus.
Mar 25 Demo-Ron Stocke; Apr 22 Demo-Donna Zagotta; "Gold Medal Fellowship" a new NWWS status above Signature Member; Celebrate the Grays: Painting with the Neutrals by Kathy Collins, NWWS
Jan 28 Demo-Carla O'Connor; NWWS Paint-Out by Shirley Jordan; The Competition by Eric Wiegardt.
Step-by-Step Art Lesson by Soon Y. Warren; Interview with Artist Paul Jackson.
"The Business of Being an Artist-2" by Charlene Collins Freeman; Interview with Artist Nicholas Simmons.
"The Business of Being an Artist-1" by Charlene Collins Freeman; Interview with Artist Mary Whyte.
May 28 Demo-Lola K. Deaton; Interview with an Artist-Carla O'Connor.
March 26 Demo-Molly LeMaster; April 23 Demo-Mark Mehaffey; Interview with Artist Jeannie McGuire.
Jan 22 Demo-Kay Barnes; Feb 26 Demo-Cindy Briggs & Theresa Goesling; Interview with Artist Earnest Ward.
Nov Demo-Catherine Gill Nov 27; No Dec Meeting. Interview with Artist Charles Reid.
Sep Demo-Joe MacKechnie; Oct Demo -Stan Miller; Interview with Artist Ona Kingdon
2012-13 General Meeting Demo Schedule; Sept-Joe MacKechnie; Oct-Stan Miller; Interview with Artist Janet Flom
May Demo by William "Bill" Hook; Waterworks 2012; NWWS Watercolor Foundation Awards Scholarship; 72nd Annual International Open Exhibition
March Demo by Ann Breckon; April Demo by Open Juror Thomas Schaller; Painting Outside of the Box-"What Box?" by Suze Woolf
Jan/Feb 2012
January Kathy Collins Demonstrator – Loose paintings done quickly - February Slide show of 2011-12 exhibition entries. Watercolor Reading List by Jeff Waters.
November - Dotti Burton, Demonstrator – Abstract watercolor and acrylics; No General Meeting in December – Enjoy this magical season!
September Program John Ebner, October Program John Salminen
Jul/Aug 2011
John Ebner for September 27, 2011 Meeting - John Salminen Workshop Registration - Waterworks 2011 Prospectus
71st Annual Open Exhibition, Jeannie Grisham May Meeting
Paul Jackson demo March Bev Jozwiak demo April
71st Annual Open Entries Demos by Breckon, MacKechnie, Riley at January mtg
Kay Barnes demo November meeting, 71st Annual Open ProspectusTheresa Goesling and Cindy Briggs - Similar Palettes, Different Approaches
Theresa Goesling and Cindy Briggs - Similar Palettes, Different Approaches
Waterworks 2010 Prospectus Don Andrews Workshop FALL SAMISH PAINT-OUT REGISTRATION FORM INCORRECT
May Program, Dan Riley Demo 2010 Waterworks Prospectus
Kristi Galindo Dyson Demo March Program 70th Annual Open in April
Glen Oberg demo January Program
Dianna Shyne November program 70th Annual Open Prospectus Joe Garcia Juror
September Program Stan Miller
Signature Show, A Touch of Class Waterworks 2009 Prospectus
Four to demo at May meeting, 2009 Signature Show
March Program Michele Cooper April Program Mike Svob, Open Ex Juror
Workshop Registration Form - MIKE SVOB 69th Annual Open Exhibition
Waterworks 2008, a great success
November Program - Tom Hoffmann Thinking in Layers
Caroline Buchanan Sept. Program
Betsy Dillard Stroud workshop offered with Waterworks 2008
May Program - Deanne Lemley
March meeting Billie Torbenson/ Pat Dews to judge Open Show
January Program - Elizabeth Kincaid - Glazing Demonstration
Art and the Digital Camera
Seeing the Unseen Sea with d'Elaine Herard Johnson
Kay Barnes, Master Painter - Master Teacher
Tom Hoffman to Speak at May Meeting
March Program Joan Archer
January Program Patrick Howe
November Speaker Tom Hoffmann
Donna Watson Discussion and Slideshow
Featured Artist Ann Breckon
Signature Show
Stitt Workshop Great Success