DVD Instructional Video Library

NWWS DVD Library Online

NWWS is thrilled to be offering our collection of over 400 instructional DVDs for members to borrow, learn, and move their art forward. Over the years, we have collected many of the best, most highly rated videos from masterful artists, and now you may have them sent directly to you! You may find the complete listing of the library titles by clicking the button on this page. Time to choose and reserve your favorites!
  1. Borrow up to four DVDs (program available to U.S. residents only)
  2. Click the button below to see the NWWS DVD library list. Using the list, note the catalog code of the videos you’d like to borrow.
  3. Check availability of your chosen DVDs in one of two ways (we will let you know if your choices are available):
    • By email: Send your full name, telephone #, the DVD catalog code(s) and the name of the DVDs you’ve selected to Janet Groza at: netgroza@yahoo.com
    • By text: Send your name, telephone #, and the DVD catalog code(s) and the name of the DVDs selected to 925-922-1235.
  4. We’ll confirm that your selections are available and send mailing instructions for the $8.95 mailing fee.
  5. This library program is open to any resident of the U.S.
  • You may keep the DVD’s for 30 days and NWWS should receive the DVD’s back within 40 days.
  • Pre-payment of $8.95 mailing cost is required before DVD’s are sent. Return postage is the responsibility of the borrower.
  • NWWS appreciates an additional donation of $5.00, but it IS NOT mandatory. The $8.95 mailing fee IS mandatory.
  • Mail the DVD’s back to the address included in the DVD mailing package, OR contact the program director (netgroza@yahoo.com or 925-922-1235) for directions to the in-person drop-off points. There is a drop-off location in West Seattle and one in east King County.
NOTE TO PRE-PANDEMIC BORROWERS: Please kindly return all DVD’s as soon as possible to NWWS. Contact Janet and coordinate returns at 925-922-1235 or at netgroza@yahoo.com There are no late fees associated with these returns.