2021 NWWF Scholarship and Barbara Pitts Award WINNER

Jasmin Martinez is our 2021 Northwest Watercolor Foundation Scholarship and Barbara Pitts Award Recipient

The 2021 NWWF Scholarship and Barbara Pitts Award in the amount of $3500 was presented to Jazmin Martinez, a 19 year old sophomore pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Arts at Boise State University in Boise, Idaho.

Jazmin says that being an artist is the ability to find art within every individual person. The thoughtful inspirations behind the paintings she sent in with her application were well formed and provoking.

Her professor describes her as intelligent, serious, talented and ambitious and notes she was one of the more successful students to participate in his classes.

Because of our current health crisis, we will be foregoing the usual awards dinner and presentation, but wish Jazmin the best in her artistic future.

This year we had 6 students apply for the scholarship. Students must be full-time art majors attending school in Washington, Oregon or Idaho. Each were required to send in five images of their art, complete an application, write an artist’s statement, explain their artistic background, include a letter of recommendation and an annotated list their of submitted art.

We are questioned sometimes about our award going to students painting in other media than watercolor. We support the students sending in 2-D art in any medium except computer, as we expect colleges to be interested in exposing their students to a wide variety of mediums and we want to see their best work, not just watercolors. Hopefully the encouragement of the Watercolor Society will inspire these students to explore watermedia more.

The Northwest Watercolor Foundation is a 501c(3) nonprofit arm of the Northwest Watercolor Society and supports emerging young visual artists by providing financial awards to committed, deserving students. Established in the early 1990’s, the award is presented annually.

For information about the scholarship to be awarded in the spring of 2022, contact Award Chairman Ann Breckon at annbreckon@gmail.com.

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