2016 NWWF Scholarship Award WINNER

Sullivan Giles 2016 NWWF Scholarship Award Recipient

We are pleased to announce Seattle artist Sullivan Giles as the winner of the $2000 2016 NWWF Scholarship Award Scholarship Award presented by the Northwest Watercolor Foundation.

Ms. Giles is in her third year of a four-year atelier program at the Gage Academy of Art with plans to apply to the New York Academy of Art upon graduation. She actively serves in several capacities at the art school that include scheduling, communication and organization. An active artist for several years, Sullivan states she enrolled in the Kang-O’Higgins Atelier Program to seek out additional learning opportunities and move into a full-time career in the arts. In her submitted artist’s statement she speaks of the importance of light and illumination, strong female figures, magic and power. The jury of professional artists felt her images were commanding, cohesive, skillfully crafted and impressive in size.

Ms. Sullivan and her parents attended a dinner in her honor, followed by the presentation of her award at the general meeting of the Northwest Watercolor Society held April 26, 2016 in Bellevue, Washington.

The Northwest Watercolor Foundation is a nonprofit arm of the Northwest Watercolor Society (NWWS). One of the purposes of the Foundation is to support emerging young visual artists by providing financial awards to committed, deserving students.

Established in the early 1990’s, the NWWF Scholarship Award has been presented annually to an outstanding and promising art student.

Full-time undergraduate art majors, including graduating college seniors enrolled in a community college or university in Washington, Oregon or Idaho and working in a variety of two-dimensional media are eligible for the Foundation’s annual NWWF Scholarship Award.

For information about donating to the Foundation, or to apply for the NWWF Scholarship Award to be awarded in the spring of 2017, contact NWWF Scholarship Award Chairman Ann Breckon at annbreckon@gmail.com.

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