The NWWS Member’s Exhibition, WATERWORKS UNLIMITED, is an annual juried exhibition that showcases the work of our wonderfully talented members who reside across the U.S. and around the world. Opening in April of each year, this juried exhibition is open to all NWWS members in good standing.
The exceptional conditions of the pandemic necessitated the 2020 exhibition to be our first online NWWS exhibition. It was a whirlwind change of plan and our generous volunteers made the change seamless. We are thrilled that the exhibition was seen by visitors from around the world and we sold twice as many paintings as is typical.
In 2021, NWWS has asked two distinctive artists to contribute to our celebration of member’s work. Liana Bennett will serve as exhibition juror and also as instructor of a 2-day workshop on April 26 and 27. Liz Walker will be our guest demo artist at the Tues., April 26th meeting and also hold a two day workshop on April 28 and 29.
Visit our two WATERWORKS UNLIMITED’s artists websites and learn more about why NWWS is so excited to share their talents.

Liz Walker: www.lizwalkerart.com
Liana Bennett: www.lianabennett.com
The 2021 prospectus remains available for your perusal so you may become familiar with this annual exhibition. The prospectus will be updated for 2022 and posted in November of 2021.

The entry period for the 2021 Waterworks Unlimited Exhibition is now closed.
The Accepted Artists List will be posted on March 16, 2021.


A. There are many skills used and decisions made when one creates a painting, with the selection of subject matter being one of the first. An original painting includes originality of inspiration and is not borrowed from someone else’s photograph. Read a larger article about this topic here: Understanding Originality for Exhibitions

A. NWWS seeks out the best, most respected jurors to curate exhibitions. While each juror has personal criteria, each knows that the most successful exhibitions are a balance of subject matter and style while showcasing the most worthy paintings. This article, written by NWWS member , Sarah Love, provides insight into the jury process: How to Get Into a Juried Art Show – Tips from Six Well-Known Jurors.

Look at the “important dates” in the prospectus and find the date that the accepted entries will be posted on the website. If your name is on the accepted entries list on the website on that date, you will also be sent an acceptance package through email with additional information. Only those who are accepted are specially notified.

Paintings sold during an NWWS online-only exhibition are sold at the unframed price. When a painting is sold as an unframed piece, the buyer may request that the artist provide the piece framed and ready to hang. Framing costs are additional, and the artist coordinates and receives payment for framing directly from the buyer. These guidelines will assist both artist and buyer in making the esthetic decisions that will provide a professional appearance that enhances the painting and meets the buyer’s budget.

  1. MATERIALS - Choose framing, mounting, and matting materials that are archival to protect the buyer's investment.
  2. FRAMING A PAINTING WITHOUT GLASS – Paintings framed without glass should always have a protective sealant and/or varnish and be mounted on a rigid substrate to help prevent puncture damage. Ensure that all the edges are tight to the substrate.
  3. FRAMING WITH GLASS - NWWS recommends shipped paintings be framed using plexiglass. A painting being hand-delivered might have either glass or plexiglass, depending on the client's preference.
  4. MATTING - A 2” minimum mat is recommended, with a wider mat likely being a better choice. White or nearly white is best. Some “white” mat colors will enhance the painting more than others. You may choose to add a double mat, with the inner mat being no more than 1/4” and of any color that complements the painting. Avoid wide, colored mats.
  5. FRAMING PROFILE – A simple profile is suggested; however, your client may prefer something specific. Some frame designs and color will complement the painting better than others.
  6. INSPECT - Before shipping the framed painting, inspect it to ensure there is no damage or any surface mars.
If you need assistance with sizing or color correction, there are several websites that offer image editing software. Pixlr has been successfully used by members to prepare a painting image for entry into an exhibition.
Have your image photographed and available to import into the software at this website and follow the websites instructions.