The NWWS Member’s Exhibition, WATERWORKS, is an annual juried exhibition that showcases the work of our wonderfully talented members who reside across the U.S. and around the world. Opening in April of each year, this juried exhibition is open to all NWWS members in good standing.
Welcome! The 2022 Waterworks Member’s Exhibition is now open.
The gallery is awaiting your visit. Simply scroll down this page to find the wonderful paintings that were selected by our juror, Michael Hernandez, to be included in the 2022 show. The exhibition represents the talents from NWWS member artists from 24 U.S. states and 12 countries.
By clicking on the first image, it will enlarge and you can “arrow” forward or backward to view each painting in vivid color.
If you would also like to view the catalog, click the tab marked “Exhibition Catalog”.

Simply contact the NWWS Treasurer, Shirley Jordan, by email at shirleylee136@hotmail.com
or by telephone at 509-293-1104.

Purchasing a painting:
PRICING: Paintings are priced without frames and without shipping costs.
SHIPPING: Shipping charges are in addition to the painting's price. Shipping and payment charges are coordinated with the artist.
FRAMING: Painting are shipped without frames. You may request the artist add a frame before shipping. Framing charges are additional. Framing decisions are between you and the artist, and payment is coordinated by you and the artist.

Thank you to all of our members who have entered the 2022 Waterworks Exhibition.
Accepted artists will be notified by March 14, 2022.
The 2022 prospectus remains available for your perusal so you may become familiar with this annual exhibition.
The prospectus will be updated for 2023 and posted in November of 2022.

The 2022 Waterworks Unlimited entry form is now closed.

John Adams
Christine Alfery
Giovanni Balzarani
Angela Barbi
Janet Barnette
Jo Atkinson Belmont
Devi Brunsch
Charlene Burley
Kathy Byrne
Oral Carper
Kay Cassill
Kathleen Conover
Elaine Daily-Birnbaum
John Ediger
Toni Elkins
Alexandra Eyer
Amalia Fisch
Airi Foote
Gary Friedman
Angela Grainger
Sandy Haight
Ken Harvey
D'Arcy Heiber
Janine Helton
Bill Hook
John James
Gail Johannes
Michele Tabor Kimbrough
Karen Knutson
Doreen Koch Allen
Ze Ze Lai
Dyanne Locati
Nicolas Lopez
Stacy Lund Levy
Denise Marshall
Mark McDermott
Denise McFadden
Gordon Miller
Silvia Monge
Kathleen Mooney
Marla Nolan
Beth Owen
Sandra Pearce
George Politis
Lisa Pope
April Rimpo
Mary Rollins
Jeriann Sabin
Jolene Sanborn
Chris Sheridan
Jodi Steele
Annie Strack
Eugenia Tzonevska
Liz Walker
Kathryn Wedge
Glenda Weibel
Roger Whitlock
Sherry Willis
Sandy Winfree
Suze Woolf
If you need assistance with sizing or color correction, there are several websites that offer image editing software. Pixlr has been successfully used by members to prepare a painting image for entry into an exhibition.
Have your image photographed and available to import into the software at this website and follow the websites instructions.