Waterworks Unchained + ONLINE is the 2020 juried exhibition of work from our exceptionally talented NWWS members who reside across the U.S. and internationally. As NWWS is adapting to the coronavirus outbreak, the 2020 exhibition will be an online exhibition only. We welcome Birgit O’Connor as our juror.
Online exhibition dates: April 28 - Sept. 12, 2020
Awards posted: April 28, 2020
NWWS is excited to announce several modifications to the requirements for entering, including:
  • Paintings are no longer required to be exhibited under glass, allowing for many creative framing options.
  • A wider variety of painting substrates are allowed.
  • The minimum size has been reduced to 7” on any one side.
  • Members may enter one, two, or three paintings.
The prospectus for the 2021 members exhibition will be posted in November 2020.
The entry period for the 2020 Waterworks Unchained Exhibition is now closed. Thank you for your support for NWWS.

With great pleasure, we congratulate the artists whose paintings were accepted into the 2020 Waterworks Unchained Exhibition.
Christine Alfery
Kate Aubrey
Diana Aurigemma
Robin Becic
Anne-Marie Berkey
Judi Betts
Claire Bischoff
Devi Brunsch
Thomas Bucci
Lisa Campos
Kay Cassill
Sara Cate
David Chastain
Charles Cherry
Kathy Collins
Jack Dorsey
Leslie Dugas
Bev Eckmann
Alexandra Eyer
Angela Fehr
Antoaneta Georgieva
Jeff Good
Angela Grainger
Vernon Groff
Sandy Haight
Bill Hook
John James
Beverly Jozwiak
Don King
Karen Knutson
Doreen Koch Allen
Collette Mason
Geoffrey McCormack
Richard McDiarmid
Kristie Mooney
Molly Murrah
Sandy Newhouse
Dan Ogg
Doug Plut
Lisa Pope
April Rimpo
John Ringen
Martha Rogers
Deborah Roskopf
Jolene Sanborn
M Judith K Sanders-Wood
Cheryl Schmardebeck
Mary Schossow Schumaker
Barbara Seese
Shelley Skoropinski Supple
Liz Walker
Glenda Weibel
Dona White
Roger Whitlock
Alisha Whitman
Deidre Williams
Sherry Willis
Sandy Winfree
Bob Witte
Sandra Wood
Suze Woolf
Katherine L Wright
Awards winners for the 2020 Waterworks Unchained + ONLINE exhibition will be posted on April 28, 2020

A. There are many skills used and decisions made when one creates a painting, with the selection of subject matter being one of the first. An original painting includes originality of inspiration and is not borrowed from someone else’s photograph. Read a larger article about this topic here: Understanding Originality for Exhibitions

A. NWWS seeks out the best, most respected jurors to curate exhibitions. While each juror has personal criteria, each knows that the most successful exhibitions are a balance of subject matter and style while showcasing the most worthy paintings. This article, written by NWWS member , Sarah Love, provides insight into the jury process: How to Get Into a Juried Art Show – Tips from Six Well-Known Jurors.

Look at the “important dates” in the prospectus and find the date that the accepted entries will be posted on the website. If your name is on the accepted entries list on the website on that date, you will also be sent an acceptance package through email with additional information. Only those who are accepted are specially notified.

If you need assistance with sizing or color correction, there are several websites that offer image editing software. Pixlr has been successfully used by members to prepare a painting image for entry into an exhibition.
Have your image photographed and available to import into the software at this website and follow the websites instructions.