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2014 Waterworks Annual Members Exhibition Juror

Janet Rogers has been a working as a professional artist for almost 30 years, and has achieved Signature Status in The American Watercolor Society, The Florida Watercolor Society, South Carolina Watercolor Society and others. She has garnered many awards over the years for her sensitive paintings of people which are spontaneous, direct, and expressive. Janet shares easily with others her passion and joy for the fluid and unexpected nature of watercolor.

Her workshops and demonstrations featuring impressions of people and also flowers are very popular across the United States, Canada, and in Europe. As well as her busy schedule of teaching, demonstrating, and serving as Juror, she has contributed to several publications, including the book “The One-Hour Watercolorist” and has had four instructional and inspiring DVDs produced by Artist Palette Productions: “Expressive Watercolor Florals”, “Expressive Watercolor Portraits”, “Watercolor Rhythms with Figures”, and “Expressing the Bouquet in Watercolor”.

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Juror's Statement

It was an honor and privilege to serve as Juror for the Northwest Watercolor Society for their “Waterworks” 2014 Exhibition. I was delighted to see so many personal visions while viewing the entries.

As I was choosing which paintings to put in the show, I found the following to be of importance to me: for the most part, a strong visual impression (something that “grabs me”): an original and unique point of view, a strong composition, color harmony, good draftsmanship and painting skills, interpretation, and the power to communicate what the artist felt. When I look at a painting, I want to see the artist and was impressed to see this in so many that I viewed.

Because of a limit on the amount of paintings that could be accepted, I unfortunately had to “let go” of some, and that was difficult because they were also great pieces. Thank you to all of the artists that entered. It is a brave and marvelous part of the process of our community of painters. To those artists whose paintings that were accepted….”BRAVO”! To those brave painters whose work was not chosen for this show, please know that your work may have been one of the ones that was “close”……I have had my share of “rejection” notices and that can be hard, but follow your heart and enter again and again….that is what makes it exciting. It is truly inspiring to see so many different interpretations…I marvel every day at the unique beauty of watercolor and its connection to us all!

I would also like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the Board Members and Officers of the Northwest Watercolor Society for their help and commitment. They were wonderful!

Janet Rogers, AWS