Samish Paint Out
Paint-Out is Back! As we move carefully back to a favorite event, it is necessary to adjust a few things for May 2022. First, there will be TWO Paint-Out Events in May, just a week apart. You may choose to go to the first, the second, or attend both! Here is the who, what, when, and where.
Anyone. Artists painting in any medium, knitters, readers, or any other creative type or deserving human being. You do not need to be an NWWS member to attend.
Creating, camaraderie, eating, relaxing, being outside, painting outside, painting inside, long walks, and repeat.
  • MEALS - 3 meals per day will be served.
  • HOUSEKEEPING - All campers must clean their own cabin at departure, so plan accordingly.
  • ACCOMODATIONS - Choose either a charming, retro “Standard” cabin (with electricity. Shared, clean, heated bath facilities close by), or choose an “E” cabin (with bath attached).
  • PREFERENCE - E-Cabins are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis, and those who share get preference.
TWO Paint-Out Events (unique to 2022):
  1. Event # 1: Wed. May 8 to Sun., May 11, 2022 Arrive after 10 a.m on the 8th, leave Sunday morning after breakfast. No discount for early departure.
  2. Event # 2: Wed., May 18 to Sun. May 22, 2022 Arrive after 10 a.m on the 18th, leave Sunday morning after breakfast. No discount for early departure.
Samish Island Campground and Retreat Center, about 1+ hours north of Seattle and about 10 minutes from the small town of Bow, WA. You may stay in a cabin or bring an RV (full hookup). Cars parked near cabins.
Three wonderful times each year, about 45 artists come to beautiful Samish Island Campground (northwest of Mt Vernon, WA) to breathe in the clean air and concentrate on painting. The view is breathtaking, the atmosphere is generous and inviting as artists make new friends and see friends they haven’t seen in a while. The camp provides 3 excellent meals each day for the artists and the cost of meals is included.
The most important experience is the opportunity to paint with no interruptions (unless you want!) and with plenty of space to work. Most artists come to paint and are serious, focused, and productive. This spring we are opening up more room for people looking for a quieter painting experience or who need more ventilation (oils or encaustic or ???). There will be four classrooms, one cabin in the woods and two sets of rustic cabins which are joined together. These will be available in addition to the large upper area of the main lodge or the downstairs lodge area.
Subject matter is abundant whether you are a plein air or studio painter. Puget Sound is just outside the door, oyster beds are nearby, trails around the area, the tides constantly change, and, well, there is simply something to paint all around you! If you are new to an art process, many will share and teach. Paint Out is the perfect place to learn, explore, and solve your own art challenges without even needing to stop and cook! The kitchen staff spoils everyone with amazing food and no one has to worry about the dirty dishes. Just paint or relax!
Artists working in all mediums love Paint-Out: collage artists, watercolorists, oil & acrylic painters, knitters, and other media artists. Some artists work on small pieces, but there is space for those working very large. There is a large bulletin board where artists pin their finished work for all to see, and artists enjoy being the first one up.
Other events might be (optional) art demonstrations or, for instance, an art materials representative may demonstrate new product and challenge us in a surprise competition. Artists have enjoyed movie nights, massages, tarot card readings or slide shows. Take a stroll on the beach or enjoy the wild life, including eagles and herons, or just read and relax. There is always something new and it is all up to you!
The camp’s accommodations are brightly painted quaint heated rustic cabins with a bathroom nearby. For a few more dollars, there are cabins with a shared bathroom facility, and accommodations for these are on a first-come-first-served basis with preference given to those who are willing to share.


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  • SEND IT BY U.S. MAIL: Print the form, manually complete it, send it by U.S. mail along wih your check. The mailing address is on the form.
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