Monthly Online Critique Group
Both members and non-members are invited to join the exciting monthly online event, the “Artist Zoom Room” (AZR). Non-members are welcomed as attendees; however, only NWWS members may have their work critiqued. On the second Monday of each month (excluding July & August), an exceptional, well-known artist critiques the work of ten artists who have submitted two paintings each. The event is an educational benefit for both those whose work is critiqued and the online-audience who learn alongside them.
Although only members may be on the "Critique Wait List”, awaiting a future critique date, anyone interested in the visual arts is welcome. AZR’s popularity continues to grow and is attracting guests from across the U.S.—and sometimes outside the U.S. Please join us!
SCHEDULE: Artist Zoom Room is held the second Monday of each month.
There are no critiques in June, July or August.
12:45 - 1:00 PST - Connect, meet & greet
1:00 - 2:30 PST - Critique Session

Review the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) tab, below, before signing up.
Once you are signed in to the website, the button to register for the next critique will appear in the text above.


Upcoming Critique Artists (subject to change)
2022 September - Pat Dews
2022 October - Liana Bennett
2022 November - Kay Barnes
2023 January - Angela Bandurka
2023 February - David R. Smith
2023 March - TBD
2023 April - Jed Dorsey
2023 May - Andy Evansen 

Are all critiques open to non-members?
Critiques are always open to NWWS members and open to non-members sometimes. The “public” critique sessions are announced on the main page, so check each month as there is no set schedule at this time.
Why can’t I see the buttons to click so I may sign-up?
  • You must be logged in to the website first, then the buttons will appear. You’ll know you have logged in when you see your name at the very top of the page, just above the social media icons.
  • To login, you first must register for the website by going to the menu item: Registration/ Guest Registration at the top of the website page.
  • If this month’s critique is not open to the public and you are a non-member, then the buttons will not appear even if you have logged in. Another great reason to become a member!
How long do I have to wait to have my art critiqued once I have signed up?
It depends on how long the current wait-list is. The number of names fluctuates. It is unlikely that your name would come to top of the list the month just after you’ve signed up because of the program’s popularity. Those who have their names on the wait-list will hear periodically from the AZR team so you have an update.
Do I have to sign-up each month to keep my name on the critique list?
No, and please do not do so. Once your name is on the wait-list, it stays there and eventually rises to the top, when you will be contacted with the good news.
What if I have signed-up as an attendee for a critique and then find out that it is also my turn that same month to have my art critiqued?
When it is your turn to submit your art it doesn’t matter if you have already planned to be an attendee. You’ll receive instructions about having your art critiqued from the AZR team and should follow those instructions.
Can I have my work critiqued more than once?
Sure! After you have had your turn, go back to the AZR page and submit the “Critique Wait List” form again and your name will be back on the wait-list.
May I request a certain critique artist to review my work?
No, the AZR team cannot accommodate special requests such as this.
How many pieces of art will I submit when it is my turn?
Two. While the choice is up to you, we suggest it is of greater benefit to you if you submit paintings that are in need of objective suggestions from the critique artist so they may become even more successful rather than paintings that you feel are already successful.
After my work is critiqued and I’ve improved my painting based on the advice of the critique artist, may I enter it into an NWWS exhibition?
No. The prospectus for any NWWS exhibition always includes a stipulation that no paintings may be entered that were painted during a workshop. We consider the Artist Zoom Room critiques equal to the professional guidance that you would receive in a workshop.
Special thanks to Nancy Grigsby, WPW, for her critique expertise as shared in these valuable critique guidelines.
Note that this is a copyrighted document and may not be duplicated, borrowed, or shared without permission.
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