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President's Message

The anticipation! In October we will be hanging our first Waterworks Unplugged Exhibition at Tsuga Gallery, Bothell, WA, and there is no shortage of volunteers to help on that day. Everyone wants to be there to unwrap the paintings and be the first to discover the creative framing that our members have chosen. With a mix of both pieces framed with traditional glass and pieces displayed, professionally protected by other means, we expect this exhibition to teach us all what can happen when we explore and push just a little further.

I know. Its just framing, not an Oreo Blizzard without calories, but consider that richly historical organizations such as NWWS have been successful with a familiar formula and we’ve adjusted that formula. We’ve listened and recognize that our members now commonly use materials and methods that were not available in years past. This inclusion makes us a more aware and robust organization and broadens our appeal to artists who work in water media and embrace processes that our more seasoned members may not have been exposed to.

Envision yourself visiting Tsuga Gallery, standing in front of a beautiful painting by a member who is exhibiting with us for the very first time because this artist typically frames without glass or paints on clay board or does something else new-to-us. Then, mark your calendar for the Award’s Reception on Thursday, Oct. 25th, 6:00 p.m. and discover what we’ve unwrapped.

Debbie Roskopf, President
Northwest Watercolor Society