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President's Message

A few years ago, I was half an hour early and my heart pounded as I attended my first NWWS meeting. Silly, yes, but I did feel conspicuous among strangers. The positive energy in the room and speakers were impressive and you could feel it was well organized. Someone was taking good care of business and I knew I was going to fit in.

Now, as your new president, I’m working with many of those very same people and could not be happier to have such terrific, kind, talented, and aware people to work with. What a terrific year ahead as we continue the work started last year under president, Che Lopez (Thanks, Che!)

As you’ve been reading since last year, together, we’re examining almost everything that uses precious, limited volunteer hours. Is it still important? Should it be updated? Can it be better? Will it appeal to more members or new people if we change it up a little? And the most important question: Does it help us all paint more, learn more, and show more?

Our NWWS website was a negative 5 for 5 on those questions and was truly beginning to limp, so we’ll soon launch a wonderful, easy to use website (and an updated NWWS logo) that will make you hug everyone on the board. A good website is one of the most important things we can do for both current and new members. It is our organization’s first impression, your hub for information and it must be easily navigated, work well on everyone’s mobile devices, and stay current. We’re almost there and we’re doing just that. You’re going to love it.

Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of a wonderful organization,

Debbie Roskopf, President
Northwest Watercolor Society